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I thought that this was a good Marvel film. One thing that I fault it for is the humor. I think recent Marvel films are trying too hard to be funny. But most of the jokes land in this one.

BE warned SPOILERS ahead, but you probably know that if you’re reading this review.

This film made me realize that I should probably watch the iron man series. I think I’ve seen some parts of the Iron man film sequels but never really sat down and watched them in their entirety. The Mandarin story twist sounded very interesting even though I didn’t really understand it.

I loved the jokes the jokes by Trevor Slattery (the fake Mandarin). The joke about the planet of the apes and the monkeys being actors was great.

I liked the part where they are trying to get into Ta-Lo when the little creature guided them through the forest. One thing I noticed is that they didn’t show how Xu Wenwu got into Ta-Lo. It was explained that the forest opens at a certain time but it would’ve been interesting to see if it was the same path that the creature guided.

The final battle was a good action scene. It was interesting to see a dragon in a Marvel film. I didn’t like the little dragons that fought the ground troops. I liked that the 10 rings and the Ta-Lo guardians had to work together because special weapons are the only thing that work against this enemy. But they only had to fight this little winged creatures who eat your soul. There was no variety in the creatures and it felt kind of bland.

I thought it was funny when the Wenwu said to Shang that he let his mother die. Bro my boy was like a toddler when his mother thought she could take on the gang that was looking to get revenge on the 10 rings.

I also didn’t like that Shang Chi’s friend Katy shot the arrow that killed the Dweller-in-Darkness(the dragon). This girl really couldn’t save the person who taught her how to shoot an arrow. She just watched him get swooped up by a soul eater. Yet you want me to believe she can take out this dragon. Feels bad man.

Overall it’s a good film that ties nicely into the MCU.

Rating: 7/10 . I enjoyed it but don’t think I’d watch it again.

Check it out on IMDB: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) – IMDb