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I attempted to follow a youtube tutorial by Clever Programmer.

He was building an OpenSea Marketplace clone. I found it pretty difficult to follow.

Here’s the video:

I wouldn’t recommend following this tutorial. It doesn’t really explain much well. If your familiar with tailwind CSS and NextJs then you should be able to follow along pretty easily. But if you’re new then you’ll probably struggle to keep up with his code.

I understand where he’s coming from though. He wants to sell his course and not make the video 20 hours long. If you want to see my attempt at following along you can check out my repo:

The tutorial centers around a project called ThirdWeb. It looks like their documentation is pretty good:

If you want to build something like this I would probably start there and skip this video. It looks like they even have no-code solutions.

The Database is something called Sanity which I’ve never used before but it was pretty easy to figure out. Can check it out here:

In the tutorial he was going to use Alchemy for something but he ended up omitting it later in the project.

There is some interesting stuff to be gleaned from his video though. I’m not mad at the guy but I wish he put more effort into the content. I really like the way he implemented the tailwind styling. That is useful. Although he probably could’ve moved the style variable into a different file and imported it when he needed it. A lot of the code doesn’t follow the DRY principle.

If you really want a video I think this one might be worth checking out: