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Rating: 5/10, Average film

I had the pleasure of watching The Suicide Squad last night. I thought that the movie was alright. A lot of the jokes didn’t really land for me and felt like it was trying too hard to be funny. The movie was fun though and had some good action scenes. So if you’re into eye candy maybe this would be something that you’d enjoy. The flashy style and unique title cards are still here. Most of the characters felt weak and underdeveloped. I do like that DC isn’t afraid to add some maturity to these films. I’m going to move onto some spoilers, be warned if you want to see the film.

The Suicide Squad Spoilers

Spoiler review

First off I’m sad that we lost Weasel so soon. My boy looked like he had some real potential. The intro was very funny. I enjoyed TDK.

TDK (The detachable kid)

I can’t remember the one super girl who took down the helicopter. The Boomerang guy’s kills were pretty cool, literally slicing open the head of some dudes. The trident guy was just used to pass the trident to Harley to kill Starro at the end.

I didn’t like Harley in this film. I don’t know but her personality always seemed kind of annoying so maybe that has to do with it. The way she killed the president that easily was pretty funny. Just like he’s gone. The Harley breakout scene was pretty cool. The hallucinatory flower effects were fun and cartoonish.

Harley Flower Scene

The rivalry between Bloodsport and Peacemaker felt kind of shallow. Their little back and forth felt childish and uninteresting. Like oh my bullets are smaller than yours so they can pierce better. Oh yah well what if this island was full of dicks? Give me a break.

Bloodsport and Peacemaker

The rat girl was alright. I can’t help but laugh when you listen to her backstory. It’s pretty silly. She grew up homeless with her father who set her up with the technology to control rats.

Nanaue or King Shark was an awesome character idea. I really liked his design.

King Shark aka Nanaue

He probably had one of the best action shots when they were storming Starros tower:

I didn’t like the polka dot guy. His one character trait was that he saw everybody as his mother. He was experimented on by his mother and that is why he has superpowers. He hates her for using him as a lab rat. It was kind of cringy when you saw everybody as his mother:

The villain brain guy also felt lackluster. He didn’t have a plan when he got captured at the bar. He was just kind of there to explain the plot a little then get killed by Starro.

The one scene where they talk about a guy named Milton was pretty funny. They were in the tower right before the bombs explode and Polka dot guy sees him die and Harley is like who was Milton? I think he was brought in when they were at the camp of the resistance where they found the Sargent guy. He drove the group around in the van.

The fight between the Sargent and Peacemaker over the hard drive was interesting. Peacemaker’s philosophy on peace brings up some interesting questions. When is it right to sacrifice innocent people to ensure peace? Who knows. Peacemaker thinks he does. The hard drive felt like it was placed in a weird spot too. Like I can just walk up to this super computer and easily find the storage device that contains all the evidence I need to prove the US was involved in the creation of this super monster.

It was also fun seeing the lady who leads the Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller (played by Viola Davis), get overthrown by her crew.

The Shark King is ultra durable. Guy falls from the top of the tower while being chomped on by piranhas and then shot at by the country’s military. I thought he was going to die there but his plot armor was thick.

The Suicide Squad conquers Starro with rats and Harley’s spear that she got from the beginning. Pretty goofy but it’s a Suicide Squad. It’s all the ragtag and outcast villains who got captured and are forced to make it work so it fits I guess. I just don’t know why she didn’t summon her rats sooner.

At the end, we see that John Cena’s Peacemaker actually made it out and Amanda Waller wants to bring him back. Post credits also revealed that Weasel didn’t actually die. Fortunately, we may see Weasel in the future! I was upset when we saw this character go that easily. I thought he was going to be another Slipknot but most of that original crew died in the beginning so they aren’t repeating that. I was waiting for him to be blown up by the remote detonator that they placed on him though. Definitely thought that was going to happen.


Well that’s all I got for this film. Let m know what you thought.