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I’m Christian Foster

Junior Computer Science student at Widener University

About Me

    I like to learn about new technologies and love creating things. I’m skilled in WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python. I like to code and solve problems. Documentation is a passion of mine. If you can’t convey how you’ve done something you’re missing a large step in development.

   Ideas are cheap and execution is everything. I’m very practical and like to do things the right way. Even in everyday life I strive to find the best solutions. I’ve researched exercise and diet to optimize my physical well being. I seek financial advice. I also strengthen my mindset through philosophical and inspirational content. You can’t perform at your best if you’re physical and mental health aren’t in check.

    I’m always open to new ideas and I strive to be better everyday.  Even being 1% better than yesterday is huge. The effects of compound interest can apply to this. As you build yourself up, you’ll keep stacking gains and improvements. Before you know it you’ll be crushing your goals and be a completely different person. Being consistent is the key to success.

  When I’m not at the computer you’ll find me exercising, spending time with family, cooking a good meal, or watching Youtube. My favorite form of cardio is cycling.  I enjoy getting on the bike and listening to a video or podcast. I also like to go on walks throughout the day to get some fresh air and time away from the screen.

Tools of the Trade

Here are some of the programs that I use on a daily basis for my work: 

VS Code

This is my favorite editor right now. It is very extensible and has a ton of features. I may switch to a vim environment later but for now I’ll use the vim extension.


Vim is my favorite terminal editor. It makes editing fun. You can record macros, move around with only your keyboard, and customize it however you like.


Right now my operating system of choice is windows. I’ve ran linux as my main operating system but switched back to windows. The creative apps just don’t match up.

Brave Browser

This is my favorite browser right now. I don’t like ads but I want to support creators. Brave is the happy medium. You can earn rewards by seeing ads.

Adobe Suite

The apps in this suite are some of the best creative tools. They have some advanced tools that streamline the content creation workflow.


Linux operating system of choice is Ubuntu. The package manager is simple and it’s the most popular distribution of linux so it has a lot of support.