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Episode 2: What If… T’Challa Became a Star-Lord?

This was an amazing episode. This should’ve been the opener for this series.

Seeing T’Challa as star lord was great. Instead of Peter’s recklessness and greedy nature we get to see a star lord that acts in good faith and strong moral character.

Spoiler review

Spoilers ahead

The threat of Thanos was neutralized by T’Challa by simply talking him out of it. I loved the moment where Thanos was chatting at a bar and he said “no it isn’t genocide because it’s random.” I was cracking up.

The collector was another great character. Instead of the scrawny guy we get in the original guardians we see a powerful jacked mob boss. We also get a peak at some of the legendary weapons that he got his hands on.

The triple fake in this episode was pretty neat. Felt like a heist episode. The reunion with the black panther’s family at Wakanda was a nice touch at the end. It’s great that Chadwick Boseman was able to be apart of this. Hopefully we’ll see more great episodes like this in the future.

At the end we see Peter’s father confront him. Guess I have to get around to watching Guardians 2. Didn’t bother to watch it cause I heard it was bad. Maybe I got some bad sources tho.

Can’t wait for next weeks episode!

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