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So I tried a Sam’s choice frozen pizza. If you’re uncertain about how a private label store brand’s pizzas taste then look no further. Any future Sam’s choice pizzas that I eat will be added to this list.

Rising Crust

Chicken Bacon Ranch Sauce Pizza

This was a great pizza. But I have to say that it’s really hard to screw up this kind of pizza. Anything that doesn’t have enough flavor can easily be covered up by enough bacon and ranch sauce. The ranch sauce is good but it’s not gonna blow your mind. The bacon felt like the topping that delivered the most flavor. The chicken was an accessory topping and wasn’t as big as it is in the pictures. The rising crust is a nice choice. It makes the pizza more of a deep dish style and got a lot thicker than I thought it would.

Overall I’d give this pizza a 7/10. The bottom of the pizza has no style and it has enough toppings to make a piece of cardboard taste good.