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I’m glad I didn’t watch past the first episode. Didn’t think it was worth watching past that.

I did watch The Mandalorian and thought it was pretty good so I did have some hopes for this series but it looks like it’s a flop.


The comment on this video are great too. Here are my favorites:

User King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England - If they can’t even handle Boba Fett, a character who has this kind of show gift wrapped for him it’s so easy to accomplish properly, I shudder and dread to think about how badly they’re gonna screw up Kenobi.
User Virideon - This seems like it could have worked if it focussed on the aging side. Boba Fett was a feared bounty hunter but that sort of thing required a lot of energy, good reflexes etc. There could be a moment of realisation wherein he realises (even recovering his armour and ship) he can't maintain that life forever. 

However, aside from needing to be restructured around that core theme, Boba Fett should be more intelligent/cunning as a result. He knows he can't reliably beat his opponents in a straight fight anymore and so has to rely on a mix of cunning and the gang equivalent of court-politics.

Instead, it seems Disney wanted yet another strong female character as the lead but stuck Boba Fett's more recognisable name onto the title and so felt obliged to include him every now and again.
User Hibbs4Prez - I applauded when you pointed out how viewers shouldn't have to be saddled with the responsibility of taking time to watch a previous series to understand what was happening on a completely new show.
User King Bash - The thing that really gets me was when this show first came out, people were defending the way Boba Fett’s character was by saying, “He’s an actual character now, instead of a random guy in a suit like in the OT.” Then by the time the finale came around, those same people were saying, “Well, Boba Fett’s not interesting enough to carry an entire show by himself” to excuse how mediocre and scatterbrained to entire plot was.

Sunk Cost Fallacies

I’ve never walked out of a theatre but I’m aware of the sunk cost fallacy and understand you can feel bad for walking out of the cinema when you’ve paid for the show. But you’ve already paid for the show, it’s not like walking out will get you your money back but it will save you your valuable time.

So feel free to skip this series, save some time, and listen to somebody complain about it on the internet instead.

Check out his video: