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Anthony’s Pizza Review

I’ve here a few times so I’ve got some photos to dump here.

Chicken Parm Pizza

This spot has one of the best Chicken Parm Pizzas. This is what started my journey for the best and I have only found one or two other spots that get it as good as this. I think you’d be happy with any specialty pizza from here. But Chicken Parm is my go-to. The sauce is incredible, the chicken is well seasoned and has a ton of flavor, and the cheese is great. The parm is sprinkled on it well and does not go unnoticed. The dough is good but doesn’t have that fermented yeast kick. The bottom has a medium toast. This gets a 9.2. If you want to indulge they also have alfredo fries. These are deadly. The sauce is thick and tastes great.

Alfredo Fries

This has to be one of the best fry dishses I’ve tasted. The consistency isn’t great on this one though. They can be mushy some days. If they make them right these are a 9/10.

Texas Cheese Fries

These are fries with bacon and cheese topping. I thought it would’ve been great but I think the Alfredo fries are better. Bacon didn’t taste quality. Think you’d be better off with just cheese fries. 6/10.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

I’ve had a slice of a small barbecue chicken slice from here and it’s pretty good. Nothing crazy special but it’s satisfying. Standard barbecue sauce and good pizza base. Barbecue chicken was my go to pie but I think the barbecue sauce most places use isn’t the greatest so I lean towards chicken parm now. I’d give this a 7/10.

Hawaiian Pizza

Meh. It’s ok. Feels like a converted plain pizza. Not special. I don’t mind pineapple on pizza but it definitely isn’t my first choice. This gets a 5/10. Go for a better specialty.

Chicken Parm Calzone

Since we enjoyed the chicken parm pizza soo much, we decided to try the calzone version to see if it could top it. Sadly it didn’t. They include another cheese on top of the mozzarella. I think it’s ricotta or fresh mozzarella. It is an alright addition but I think the whole thing needs more chicken. Calzones are just too bready as well. Breaded chicken plus two kinds of cheese wrapped in dough just seems like a combination that will weigh you down for the next few days. 6 / 10.

Buffalo Chicken Calzone

I also tried another calzone. The buffalo variant uses grilled chicken so that’s a plus. Subtracts a little bit of weight but this thing is still packed. Buffalo is usually a thin sauce unless they add a lot of oil, which most places probably do. But it doesn’t seem too much in this. I enjoyed this and could definitely see myself getting it again. 8 /10.

The Steak Brooklyn

They advertise their Brooklyn pies so you know that they put a lot of care into this. I really enjoyed this pizza. The steak is a great topping and I really enjoyed it. There’s a ton of flavor and it’s a thick pie. The basil on top is a nice touch. This gets an 8.5 / 10.

Sicilian Chicken Parm Pizza

Another thick pie. We tried this because we like the Regular chicken parm and thought this might be another dimension we haven’t seen yet. But I don’t think this is worth it. The Chicken Parm Pizza can stand on its own and adding more dough doesn’t do much for me. I really don’t like Sicilian pies in general but if you do then this would be better than the base version. It’s just too much bread for me. 6 / 10.

Shrimp Scampi Pizza

This one was kinda disappointing. Albeit we went for dine in the night we got this so the steamy hot freshness could’ve affected the pizza. It was a greasy pie. Like a little too much butter sauce was used. If it cooled down a little maybe it would’ve held its shape better. But I would skip this and go for a different pie. 5 /10.

Chicken Carbonara Pizza

This one was decent. Think it suffers the same problem as the shrimp scampi. Felt a little too greasy. But it wasn’t as greasy. I would definitely take this over the shrimp but I would try another specialty over this. 5.5 /10.


They also have slices out during busy days. I don’t know exactly how much they put out but we came on a Friday and they had a pretty limited selection. I got a Brooklyn slice and a buffalo chicken slice and they were both great. Reheated slices are probably one of my favorite things to get for a quick lunch. No waiting just pick your slice and you’ll have it in a few minutes. The reheating can also add another dimension of crispiness. Worth it. But I don’t think this spot is the best for slices. I’d give the Brooklyn a 7.9 / 10 and the buffalo an 8.3 / 10. Both are great.


Anthony's Pizza 5261 New Falls Rd, Levittown, PA 19056 Get directions on Google Maps


Final Rating: 9.2 / 10

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