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I was only able to find two of the seasonal flavors. The cheesecake and the peppermint.

Cheesecake Snö-flaka

I enjoyed this ice cream. The cheesecake flavor taste a little fake but has a nice sweetness. The mixins are kinda small and far between. Cheesecake flavor mainly comes through in the swirls but the mixins are a nice textural difference. But this is mainly a vanilla ice cream. I’d give it a 6/10. Here’s the link to their description:


Tastes like the mint I can taste in a mint chocolate chip ice cream. Peppermint chunks are alright. I could take it or leave it. They’re hard but melt into soft in your mouth. 7/10. If you enjoy mint ice cream you can’t go wrong with picking this. I couldn’t find this flavor on their website.

That’s it

I found these at a Giant near me and they were on sale. I didn’t see the apple pie flavor they have on their Sweden’s greetings bundle: . I’d guess that it’s a banger and worth picking up since they decided to include that instead of the Peppermynta flavor.