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Episode 9: What If… The Watcher Broke His Oath?

I found the finale kind of disappointing. Things felt a little inconsistent and I thought the conclusion would’ve been more interesting. Overall it’s still a good episode and I rank it as my second favorite. You can’t beat the Watcher’s battle in Episode 8. This is like the Avengers End Game and the previous episode is Infinity War.

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Spoiler Review

I think the best way to approach this episode is not to think too much. If you start thinking then it all falls apart. Like why wouldn’t the watcher form a team of a bunch of Captain Marvels from all the different universes?

Like Emergency Awesome alludes to in his video why not tag Iron man along for the fight when you’re grabbing Gamora?

He’d probably be a good addition. It sucks that we didn’t see the episode that explains this alternate timeline Gamora.

I did like the Guardians of the Multiverse team. Each character was pretty unique. The fact that they aren’t all overpowered adds some diversity.

Party Thor seems a little useless though. Like there was no other Thor in the Multiverse that would’ve been a better fit. But his episode was fun so I’m not mad.

Gamora was cool too because she brought the Infinity crusher device that would be the main tool used to carry out their plan.

The zombies also make an small appearance in this episode. Zombie Scarlet Witch is easily outmatched by Ultron though.

I thought it was an odd that the main plan didn’t involve Arnim Zola since that is what the Watcher was betting on in the previous episode. But we do get to it as the Infinity crusher fails because the infinity stones in each timeline are unique.

Evil Doctor Strange is really the main player in this battle. He’s crazy powerful and Ultron realizes this.

Black Widow shoots the virus arrow into Ultron’s eye. This scene was great.

The inner dialogue with Arnim Zola and Ultron was cool to see.

Killmonger betraying the team felt predictable.

The Watcher’s plan didn’t involve them winning the fight. They just had to separate the stones and then trap Ultron and Killmonger in a pocket dimension. I wish we saw more action from the Watcher. I really liked the fight scene with him and Ultron in the previous episode.

Feels like every character gets a happy ending in this finale. The season wraps up nicely and I think the show did a good job given all of the crazy multiverse stuff that they can do with this series.

If you want to hear about cool Easter eggs and further discussion on this episode I recommend this video:

This series was a lot of fun and I’m glad we weren’t left with sequel bait for the next season. It was nice to see these different scenarios play out and see some of these super heroes in a new light.

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