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Episode 7: What If… Thor Were an Only Child?

This episode was a trip. It was a great break from the seriousness of the other episodes. It had a lot of great comedy and action moments. I found myself really enjoying this episode. I’m placing this episode as my third favorite thus far.

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Spoiler review

Thor’s story is really different when he has no brother. He’s a party animal. Captain marvel refers to him as Kappa Kappa frat freak.

The number of characters we get to see in this episode was also cool to see. We saw the return of the duck.

We also saw Loki as an actual frost giant. I liked the way he was portrayed.

And Rocket Raccoon. It was hilarious when Thor said hey look there’s a little rabbit in the sink.

Captain Marvel was also called on to put a stop to Thor. The fight scene that they had was stunning.

The Surtur Lady Liberty scene was great.

Thor gets confronted by his mother because Jane Foster was able to reach her with some kind of broadcasting device. Seeing Thor scramble to correct everything was funny.

The ending was very interesting. We see a multi-verse Ultron with all the infinity stones.

I’ve been watching explanation videos and this one is pretty good for this episode: In the video, he explains that Ultron will be the main villain and a multi-verse version of the avengers will have to work together to defeat him. I really like this idea. A lot of the episodes feel inconclusive and it’s good to hear that they’re all going to be tied into each other in the last two episodes. The episodes also don’t have consequences. If a character dies they can easily be brought back by plucking them from another universe. So it will be refreshing to see a conclusion but I hear that they’re having a second season so there may be some kind of cliffhanger.

Overall this is a fun episode that has a lot of interesting tidbits.

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