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Episode 6 : What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?

I didn’t really like this episode. This one felt like another tease like the previous episode. The story felt interesting but I was unsatisfied with the ending.

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Spoiler review

So where to start. Killmonger’s plan was definitely a lot better than the one in the original Black Panther. I didn’t really like the way Tony Stark handled his confrontation with Killmonger about his betrayal and killing Rhodey. Using the drone the villain designed to kill the villain. What could go wrong with that plan? You’d think that Stark would’ve had a backup in case this failed but no, he just gets speared :(.

I get it that Tony is very different because he’s still in that pro war reckless alcoholic mode but he’s still pretty smart so I think he would’ve had some kind of plan incase the drone fails.

I didn’t really care for the Wakanda scenes either. The drone battle was pretty boring and it looked like they destroyed them pretty easily. I think it’s kind of strange that T’Chaka trusted Killmonger to become the next Black panther. From his perspective Killmonger’s theory about the drones failed and he’s only proven his trustworthiness in one battle.

Another thing that I found strange is how the military is ready to go into all out war to avenge Tony Stark with the only evidence for his death coming from the guy who just turned up out of no where.

Shuri is the only one in Wakanda who thinks that there’s something up with Killmonger and Pepper Potts is the only one telling the military they’ve got it wrong. It was cool to see that they’re going to work together at the end of the episode. But we don’t see how that plays out so that sucked.

I must say the quality of the visuals is still amazing. I love this flashback of Iron man doing his snap.

It was an alright episode but I just wish it was more conclusive.

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