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Episode 5: What If… Zombies?!

This episode was alright. It felt a little fast and had a lot going on. The idea is interesting and I definitely think that this episode could’ve been better if it used a different moment in the timeline.

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Spoiler review

This episode felt like a cliff hanger. It starts from the beginning of Infinity war when Hulk lands back on Earth to tell everyone about Thanos coming to Earth.

Cramming the story of Infinity war into a thirty minute episode is no small task. The story explains that the zombies started with Hank Pym and him catching a quantam zombie virus from his wife Janet van Dyne.

An ant man zombie seems like the most overpowered way to infect humans. When we saw Hank Pym infecting Captain America, you know it’s game over.

I really didn’t care for the Spider man vlogging skit. It felt pretty cheesy.

I did like Happy as a character in this. His iron man glove was pretty cool to see.

Sucks that he dies to zombie Hawkeye. Hope carrying the crew as a giant was cool. Sucks that she got infected.

Vision’s mind stone being the potential cure was cool. Sucks that he killed himself because he couldn’t stand living without Wanda. I’ve heard some refer to this situation as a kind of reverse WandaVision. Wanda was another great threat.

The only ones who get out of the Vision fiasco were Spiderman, Antman, and Black Panther. At least they have the mind stone and plan to use Wakanda tech to broadcast a cure.

But we sadly see that zombie Thanos is in Wakanda already and they’re about to deliver him the last stone that he needs.

Wish we could’ve seen more of zombie Thanos and how he acquired the stones. Now that Thanos is a zombie I’d imagine the snap would just infect everyone instead of killing half the population.

Overall it was a decent episode. Had a lot going on and wish we could’ve seen more.

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