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Episode 3: What If… the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?

This was another good one. The concept was done very well and felt like a detective episode. I would place this episode as my second favorite right now. The second episode was just too good.

Spoiler review

The buildup to the explanation for the way the avenger line up is dying was nice. It was really interesting to see how Pym took out each target.

I really like the way that Hank Pym gets revenge. His hatred for shield goes deep since he lost his wife. His battle scene with Loki was great. Loki taking on the form of Nick Fury was an awesome idea. The nano tech didn’t stand a chance against Loki. He easily overpowered him.

Nick Fury saying that he wasn’t the last avenger was really neat. Reminded me of him dropping some kind of device at the end of the avengers infinity war and it showing captain marvel’s symbol. Sure enough she shows up at the end of this episode when Nick Fury is dusting off Captain America’s cryochamber.

Can’t wait for next weeks episode!

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