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In this part, I'm building out the showcase window that is on the homepage of the amazon luna desktop client. Read more
This is a solution for an ubuntu server running WordPress. This is the message that I was seeing under site Read more
I've recently finished the 50 projects in 50 days by Brad Traversy . I really enjoyed it. It was nice Read more
CauliPower Buffa-Whoa Buffalao-Style Chicken Pizza Review Tried this pizza yesterday. It was pretty good. Cooked it per the instructions 425°F Read more
I created a simple webpage using html, css, and javascript that showcases 4 properties of a css flexbox. The live Read more
Thoughts Rating: 5/10, Average film I had the pleasure of watching The Suicide Squad last night. I thought that the Read more
Learning new tech can be a daunting task. How do you determine what tech is worth learning? One metric I Read more
So I was making a form with Bootstrap today and ran into an issue where I didn't see the form Read more
So I am taking this course from FrontEndMasters and I'm already pretty familiar with linux but I wanted to use Read more
Laptop Lenovo Yoga C930 This laptop is pretty good. I got it for a decent price on facebook marketplace. I Read more