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I got an email from Arizona saying that they now offer coffee and my parents love their teas but I don’t recommend them because there’s enough syrup in them to classify it as soda. Seriously spin that can around and look at how much sugar and high fructose corn syrup is in it. You’ll be surprised. I do admire their efforts to maintain a $0.99 price tag on their drinks. That’s pretty cool but they gotta drop the sugar.

My coffee perspective

I do enjoy myself a cup of coffee. I try not to rely on it too much so I limit my intake. I’ll do three cups a day at most and ideally, I go for one or two cups. Recommended daily caffeine intake is around 400 mg according to the FDA but that depends on your tolerance, body weight, genetics, etc… so results may vary.

I’m no coffee conniseure. I drink it black. I don’t have an elaborate setup where I can control the amount of oxygen infused into the liquid. I just enjoy the full stomach feeling that coffee gives me.

Arizona Coffee

Onto the Arizona coffee. I love the aesthetic that this brand has. It feels vintage and hippy. The checkerboard pattern and sunny colors really make it pop.

The last time I ordered stuff from the Arizona merch store it came with a few free little extras. They threw in some Arizona water flavorings. Sadly this time around I didn’t get anything but it was a smaller order so maybe it’s only for orders above a certain dollar amount.

Coffee 1 : Cactus Blend – Medium Dark

This one is alright. I think it’s my second favorite of the two. I don’t really care about the kind of roast too much but I’ve read that the longer the bean is roasted it will be less acidic and have a bolder taste( That article also says expensive coffee drinkers often buy light and medium roasts to retain the distinctive flavor of the certain strain of coffee bean. I think I need a more educated coffee palate. After all, this is just k-cup coffee.

But I enjoyed this coffee.

Coffee 2: Snake Bite Blend – Medium

I liked this flavor. I think it’s the best one but I may be tricking myself because I want to be like the expensive coffee drinkers who think they get more out of their light and medium roasts. It felt smooth.

Coffee 3: Sedona Blend – Dark

This one feels like your average dark roast. Nothing really special. If you like it dark then this will do it.

Overall these coffees were pretty nice. If you like coffee I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with any of these flavors. I like to try and taste everything so I picked them up because I know I would drink them.

I drink it black so I really don’t care about the flavor. I just want that caffeine boost and something to fill the stomach.

Check out the coffee here: